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The Community Constituency Covid-19 Front was established as a formal advisory body to facilitate the participation of civil society sectors and networks, including those represented in the national response and implementations of Community-Based Measures in response to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Community Constituency Covid-19 Front promotes an inclusive, competent and responsive civil society that effectively serves the needs of communities by linking and diversifying civil society actors, expanding the sector’s response and ensuring better coordination, thus improving operations, and enhancing connections between civil society organisations with government, business labour, their stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The Covid-19 Front aims to provide a hub of information and contacts for distribution and engagement through our members across the country.

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We got answers for many of your Civil Society COVID-19 related questions!

All drivers, marshal or security officer who interacts with members of the public in a public transport facility. All passengers and drivers must have wear a face must when entering a public transport

Hot Food delivery services is permitted to start from 9am to 19:00. We would appreciate it if you could plan accordingly.

A Taxi must not carry more than 70% of their maximum licensed passenger carrying capacity as follows:

  • Licensed 10 passenger minibus capacity - Only carry maximum 7 passengers + 1 driver
  • Licensed 15 passengers minibus capacity - Only carry maximum 10 passengers + 1 driver
  • Licensed 22 passengers minibus capacity - Only carry maximum 15 passengers + 1 driver

All travel by private vehicle is permitted to operate from 5h00 to 20h00 with a grace to complete the journey at 21h00.

Public Transport Sedan vehicle is limited to carry not more than 50% of its permissible passenger carrying capacity, meaning only two passengers plus a driver (3 persons).

Bus to be permitted to carry not more than 50% of their permissible passenger carrying capacity which includes both seating and standing passengers.

  • Transportation must be in line with the operating shifts, work time schedules
  • stamped and signed by the responsible person with responsible authority within such institution

*Person of authority being a head of

The validity period for all public tourist transport operating licences and accreditation certificates that expired during the lockdown period and deemed to be valid have a grace period of 90 days from the date of publication of these directions to renew their operating licenses and accreditation certificate

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